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There is a reason for the loop at the back of your shirt and it’s astounding


How often have you seen that circle at the back of your shirt and disregarded it in the end? Indeed, we do everything the time, yet it’ll astound you to stores on the off chance that we reveal to you it’s there for a reason, a somewhat shocking one! Men’s mold may have advanced extraordinarily, yet that circle has remained on the shirt since the 1960s and here’s the reason:

Legend has it that these circles were intended for East Coast mariners to hang their garments on a wire line to dry rather than holders. In addition, these circles spared the shirt from getting wrinkles and the mariners could wear the shirt again the following day!

Evidently, the pattern spread from the oceans and found a place in urban communities and took a widespread shape when US began influencing Oxford to conservative shirts in the 1960s. What took after was men utilizing the circles to hang their shirts in the exercise center lockers.

Shirt hanging

Called locker circles in those days, the circles have now turned into a consistent component on shirts around the world, yet oddly relatively few of us utilize them for the reason they were made for.


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